Jayson is displaying the contents of a JSON file in an outline view. Why is that such a big deal? Well you already know how to use an outline view since it is a standard macOS control used in Finder, Xcode and many other apps. You intuitively know how to use the most important features. Although there are many small hidden features that make your life easier.

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Jayson: Main Window

Keyboard shortcuts
N Creates a new document. The newly created document will reflect the current contents of your clipboard: If your clipboard contains a JSON document it will be used as the content
+ Creates a new node and automatically begins editing.
D Toggles the preview. When working with large files it is recommended to disable the preview.
C Copies the selected text as usual. However if you have selected a object node (array or dictionary) the textual representation is put into your clipboard.
1 Transforms the selected node to an array.
2 Transforms the selected node to a dictionary.
3 Transforms the selected node to a bool value.
4 Transforms the selected node to a number.
5 Transforms the selected node to a string.
6 Transforms the selected node to null.
R Embeds the selected nodes into a dictionary.
Deleted the selected nodes.
E Edits the value of a node. Useful if you want to directly edit the values of a dictionary and don't wanna touch the keys.